More than a buying group Eyetopia Optics provides access to vendors and programs that support the growth of eye care providers. We search for "best practices" opportunities and then bring in the needed infrastructure to ensure a successful endeavor.

Contact Lenses
Protecting Your Patient's Contact Lens Prescriptions
Get genuine current name brand frames with 1-year warranties at bulk order pricing.
Optical Management
Enhance your patient's optical experience.
Centers of Excellence
Establish your practice as a Center of Excellence in one or more specialty care areas.
Lens Labs
Get phenomenal pricing and service from a spectacle lens lab.
Map out a 5, 10 or 25 year business plan to retire as a multi-millionaire.
Improving EBITDA
Develop best business practices to keep your operating costs in line with the best practices.
Primary Health
Double your income for each patient encounter while providing invaluable and desperately needed services.